November 22, 2014

How to get through Winter? Tips & Tricks

How can you get through the cold, rainy, freezing Winter season and actually enjoy it?! I will let you in on 15 tips and tricks that get me excited for WINTER and the holidays that come with it. All the guilty pleasures that make you forget about make-up running down your face, messy hair and a red nose.

November 20, 2014

Budget: Special Effect Nails with Essence

Essence is a low budget brand that does not test on animals and is available in many countries all over the world. I like their glittery Special Effect Toppers, especially when we're getting closer to the Holidays. For this look I used the 101 Dalmatians topper. This is not a new topper, but as it is a budget product it is always good to shed a light on it. Not everyone is able to buy expensive nailpolish or finds that its worth the money... but everyone deserves pretty nails.

November 17, 2014

Store: Tiger


How cute is that bag? And how cute is that diary? My friend showered me with a bag full of late birthday gifts from Tiger. Tiger is part of a Danish chain store with 23 stores worldwide. A few of these stores are located in Holland where I live. They sell really cute beauty products, office suplies and homeware at an affordable price... read on to see what was in the bag!

November 8, 2014

Ombré Lip Mini Tutorial

Sure you don't want to look boring for all the Christmas parties that are coming, so take this tutorial and run. Ombré lips, where different colors fade into each other, have been a trend for a while now. Although it sounds really difficult, it's not. All you need is (at least) two lipsticks, that differ in color and a brush (or liner if you want).

Read on for written instructions...

November 6, 2014

Review: WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean

I first saw WEN in a tv-commercial, when I was in New York. It promised to be a 5-in-1 product to use as shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in-conditioner. Holy Moly.. I thought: if that's true, my life is gonna be a lot easier. I didn't buy it, until I walked into a Sephora last summer & I couldn't get around it anymore. Promising silky smooth, nourished & shiny hair, I had to get it. What's the verdict??

November 3, 2014

October Favorites 2014

It's AUTUMN.. or Fall, depending on where you live. & October has ended, so it is time for an October Favorites video, where I show you all my favorite beautyproducts, make-up & other things, of the month. Let me know if you like it, because it's my first favorites video EVER!

For a full list of products, continue reading :-)

October 31, 2014

Last-Minute Halloween Look


Happy Halloween!!! Halloween is not widely celebrated in Holland, but nonetheless I wanted to wish you all a very Happy (and safe) Halloween. When I think of Halloween, I think of all those American horrormovies that have scarred me for life. I put together a quick & easy peasy Halloween look for you..

October 29, 2014

Polkadot Nails for Fall


How cute? I love polkadots & I certainly love Burgundy and Lilac.. mix the two together and it's just awesomeness. It only took me 5 minutes to do, so no excuses to walk around with boring nails. Would you like to know how I did this and which brands & colors I used? Read onnnnn....

October 26, 2014

Review: Maria Nila Colour Guard Masque

I love how hairmasks in a jar look. A pink jar. I just want to dip my hand in it.... If you've watched my videos, you know that I got the Maria Nila hairmask for damaged and colored hair in september's Beautybox. I am super duper happy with it so I wanted to share my joy with you...

October 25, 2014

Unboxing Beautybox - October 2014

SPOILER ALERT: I'm going to 'unbox' the Beautybox in this video, so if you don't want to see what's in it yet.. don't watch or scroll to the part where I talk about other things. Otherwise..... Come dive with me into a pile products and first impressionsssss. - Don't mind the sad face sniffing on a purple bottle of shampoo... I keep trying to change the thumbnail into something sexy, but it's just not working with me, so f#dge it.

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October 21, 2014

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set - Brushes


I got new brushes... & ooooh .. aahhhh.. they are gorgeous!! It is the 'Zoeva Golden Rose Luxure Set'. All of the brushes have Rose Golden elements. If you know me. You know I love Rose Gold. ZOEEEVAAAAAAA you're the bomb.

October 19, 2014

MAC buys.

Got some new goodies from MAC to change up my make-up routine... if you want to know what I got read onnnnn ...